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Here’s a breakdown of a few of my favorite Hairstory products and how I use them on myself and my clients.


Each of these products has reviews on its site, but these are not reviews of the way I use it.  I wanted to give you my take and describe how I use them on myself and my clients with all different hair types and textures.

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It’s a cream cleanser. Toxic free. No suds, no foaming like shampoo…which is weird at first but that foaming is what makes hair big and fluffy when it’s clean, rather than supple with its natural oils still left on the strands. New Wash gets your head clean but your hair stays kind of amazing!

If you have fine hair, new wash works very well but you would want to get the deep version and purchase the powder along with it to use at your roots. This is going to give the look of separated textured hair without the weight of not using shampoo because the powder will give you more volume. For more fine, oily hair, use the deep new wash. For more coarse or damaged hair, use the rich new wash. For almost everybody I recommend the original formula. And make sure to buy the scalp massage brush if it’s your first time using new wash. It really helps. Use a generous amount, rinse really well, and scrub your scalp-it feels really good.

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New Wash


Hair Balm

Balm is an end cream for hair. It creates a piece-y separated texture without your hair being greasy or crunchy. It has a satin finish so the ends of your hair will look not shiny but also not matte. It’s amazing for dry ends and for curls as it’s the most amazing, defining product. I like to put it on wet or dry hair. It also works amazing for short hair that’s getting puffy or full in an unflattering way-to slick it back or push it over without feeling sticky or heavy. To be used on mid bits and ends of hair, not at the roots unless you have very short hair.

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A light volumizing spray that creates texture and body on hair, from roots to the ends. It adds just a bit of grit and body, amazing for naturally wavy hair, shorter hair, or straight hair that tends to be a little underwhelming. This will beef it up and make it a bit more interesting. You can use it generously and pretty much all over!

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Lift is my new favorite product for curls. Different from Undressed, it has an exact combination of hold and oil that almost makes it act the way I remember mousse acting. It will not dry out your hair and a little goes a long way. My favorite thing to do is to spritz it on curls and waves once they are dry. Lift makes makes them bigger, bouncier,  and more beautiful.

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Dressed Up

Dressed up is my go-to lotion for light-weight hold.  It's the protection against the heat of the blowdryer, heat tools (up to 450 degrees!), and sun (which we all need in Colorado!).  It builds a little bit of shape into the hair.   When ever you are doing any of the above you want to put this on roots to ends on damp hair.

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I love this dry shampoo because I love hair when it’s kind of dirty but I hate the way it gets flat. It’s not just a dry shampoo but it’s a light airy powder that you puff on to roots-it adds tons of volume at the crown while sucking any oils that might weigh your hair down at the top of your head. Especially nice for when your hair isn’t ready to be washed but bangs are a bit oily and the best thing about it is that it works on dark hair also and doesn’t leave a chalky white film like other dry shampoos. It’s talc free and just feels weightless but adds volume. The perfect thing to use when you don’t have time to wash your hair but it’s time to refresh it. Super perfect product to accompany first time new wash users during the transition period.

This goes on completely dry hair, either clean or dirty. Clean will make it more voluminous, dirty will add volume and suck up the oils.

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