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Salon owner. Local Evergreen stylist. Beauty seeker. Nature lover. Wife. Mama of two. Introvert by nature. Magic maker.

When I’m not in the salon, you might find me hanging with my family and dogs. I feel lucky to have an amazing husband, Ryan, and the best kids on the planet, Olivia and Levi. I also adore my fur children, Finn and Maggie. Our family enjoys camping and fly fishing together - nature is such medicine! I also do a bit of mountain biking. Epic fantasy novels are my favorite thing to read, especially The Wheel of Time Series. You might be surprised to know that I'm actually an introvert, even though I love connecting with my clients over deep conversation. I really like getting to know people, learning what makes them tick, who they are (or were in a past life), and what lights them up. I don’t take myself too seriously, and I also feel that a perfectly-timed curse word is totally appropriate sometimes. Also, I like aliens. (Bonus points if you can spot the alien wallpaper in my salon.)


Starseed: /stär sēd/ noun

A human that incarnates on Earth from another galaxy or dimension to raise consciousness.

Starseed Salon was born out of a conscious need for a place to call my own. My business needed a home, and serendipitously, I found the perfect one here in this Evergreen, Colorado salon. I wanted a space that felt like “me” and embodied all the good vibes for my clients. When brainstorming names for the salon, Starseed popped up as just the right choice. It’s a nod to my love of aliens, but it also speaks to what happens when we, as human beings, come together and raise one another’s vibrations. That’s the whole point of Starseed Salon … hair is just the thing that brings us together; good vibes are the byproduct. 

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